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AccessNow was created to become the go-to resource for accessibility information. Their platform empowers individuals to explore accessible opportunities, make informed decisions, and overcome barriers. AccessNow invites users to contribute by mapping accessible locations and encourages everyone to join the cause for change.

AccessNow offers various programs, including:

  • AccessNow Verified, where businesses can claim their listings and control the information displayed to customers. AccessNow’s team assesses each listing, and businesses can receive feedback and reports to enhance their accessibility support.
  • AccessOutdoors which focuses on mapping parks and trails to enable people with disabilities to discover accessible outdoor spaces. AccessNow has partnered with Trans Canada Trail, which connects communities across the country, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility with their multi-use trails. Trail Mappers are responsible for auditing and ensuring the accessibility of these trails. Individuals interested in becoming Trail Mappers can complete a verified sign-up process.
  • MapMissions, an educational event that empowers individuals to act. Participants can register their MapMission and collaborate with others to review and rate local places in real-time using the AccessNow app.

Using the App

AccessNow aims to provide a platform for individuals to contribute to the accessibility cause by mapping places, rating accessibility, and sharing experiences, all with the goal of creating a more inclusive and accessible world

The app allows users to rate locations based on their accessibility. They can indicate if a place is accessible, partially accessible, not accessible, or accessible from home. Users can also upload photos highlighting the aspects of accessibility or lack thereof. Additionally, the app provides a range of tags to describe specific accessibility features such as accessible parking, braille, elevator, and more. Users can describe their experience in detail, mentioning aspects like friendly staff or table heights.

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